The right social opportunities at just the right time

Encore Alert continually identifies key mentions and trends from your brand's social media and sends you proactive alerts with recommended actions.

tweets filtered for our customers

How do you know you’re really achieving your goals on Twitter?

Encore Alert picks out the signal from the noise so you can spend time where it matters most.

Never miss a marketing opportunity

Have peace of mind knowing that our proprietary algorithms are sifting through thousands of tweets about your brand 24/7, so that you don’t have to.

Act fast and efficiently

Our alerts are sent to you in real-time so that you can take advantage of high-value marketing opportunities, as they happen.

Make data-driven decisions

Receive data-driven content recommendations your followers will love.

How Encore Alert Works

  • We take the full firehose of tweets relevant to your brand and industry

  • Analyze everything 24/7 with our proprietary algorithms

  • Narrow them down to the 5-7 most valuable marketing opportunities each day, with recommendations on the optimal response

We push these opportunities directly to your email inbox in a clean and simple real-time alert so you can focus, act, and capture results.


Know who the most important people are in your industry, and the influential people you should respond to first.


Receive data-driven hashtag and article recommendations as they begin trending, so you can be a thought leader.


See what resonates with your audience and build on your success immediately.

What People Are Saying About Us

Encore helps me find useful content from influencers I often miss in my dashboard.

Anupam Chakravarty
Head of Interactive at Georgetown

Speed is of the essence to maximize results in social media, and Encore Alert allows us to never miss a beat.

Sonny Ganguly
Chief Marketing Officer at WeddingWire

I am loving the alerts in real time. Just wanted to let you know that Encore Alert is fantastic and it has been a huge help to us here.

Tina Anthony
Sr. Manager of Social Media at Consumer Electronics Association

Encore Alert has been an amazing tool for me to use. I've been able to promptly respond to our Twitter fans and find content that our followers like and is relevant.

Christine DeJoy
Social Media Manager at Twistory Studios

[Encore Alert] is a 21st century marketer’s dream.


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3 Reasons to Try Encore Alert

It’s like a social media data scientist who never sleeps and sends you relevant tweets

Not another complex dashboard you have to log into, let the insights come to you

Supplements your current workflow and tools, and helps you spend time where it matters most